Building JAX-RS Application in Nuxeo


I'm just trying to build a simple app that can handle get requests. I created an empty bundle by following

Now if I want to do something like the example at, I need to have a few things from* included. Where do I put the jar (jsr311-api-1.1-ea.jar) and how do I add it as a dependency?

Right now, I'm getting errors like: package does not exist


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Seems this documentation is a bit deprecated and you can speed up your work following this.

In fact, you:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks! That worked much better. Once I setup the SDK and have a webengine project, how do I add a new jar, like mimepull.jar, to the project?

Please use a new question and I will answer. :)


I need to add the nuxeo-automation-client jar to my project. In eclipse, it doesn't show an error when I refer to classes like HttpAutomationClient in my JAX-RS application. However, during runtime, I get the following error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/nuxeo/ecm/automation/client/jaxrs/impl/HttpAutomationClient.

How do I add the jar to the project properly?

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Please create a new question and check the answer if fix the trouble and don't use answer to add comment. Use comment. This is important for the community.