Nuxeo 5.6 / Memory leak executing nuxeo.workManagerCleanup

We are using Nuxeo 5.6 in production and we see a memory leak each time nuxeo.workManagerCleanup internal job is executed.

This job is executed using Quartz every few minutes.

In the code of the Nuxeo plateform, the fireEvent method of EventServiceImpl (nuxeo core / event) raise an event for the job to be executed, it adds a new event in a map retained in memory by a ThreadLocal (compositeBundle) : CompositeEventBundle b = compositeBundle.get(); b.push(shallowEvent);

It is not removed afterward, the methods handleTxRollbacked and handleTxCommited are never called.

I traced this behavior debuging the server from Eclipse.

I checked the code history and it has changed since Nuxeo 5.6, but does anyone know if there is a Jira for this bug and in witch version it is solved.

Does someone know how to solve this isssue without changing version of Nuxeo ?

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Thank you for your answer but we have to stick to the 5.6 version for now.

This is not a big leak, i keep your recommandation in our backlog to be sure to use the 5.9.3 version or later if we have the opportunity to change the version we use.

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No idea if that's really it but is a likely candidate for this fix.

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