NoSQL DataStore technology in 2014 Technical Roadmap 5.9.x release family

The 2014 Nuxeo World Technical Roadmap references a NoSQL DataStore targeted for the 5.9.4 release. Has Nuxeo identified the specific NoSQL DataStore technology it plans to support in the 5.9.x release family? Early insight into this significant technology decision will likely help the community begin preparing for the transition.

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The target NoSQL technology has not been chosen : there are several candidates, but so far no winner.

Anyway, as usual, the code will be open (so you should be able to see when we start having something working), it will be announced in the technical blogs by Laurent : so don't worry, you'll be notified if you follow Nuxeo Community.

However, since you talk about “begin preparing for the transition” : there won't be any compulsory migration. Nuxeo Repository will have 2 backends SQL (current VCS) and a NoSQL alternative.

The NoSQL backend will probably be targeted at very specific use cases.


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One of the distinctive capabilities of the current Nuxeo repository is its support for CMISQL JOINs (and in the future NXQL JOINs see NXP-10901). Do you anticipate the ability to join across entities will be lost if a customer chooses the NoSQL/ElasticSearch alternative backend?

Also, am I correct that ElasticSearch is targeted to be the faceted search engine for both VCS backends?


It's unlikely you'll be able to JOIN when using NoSQL, at least in the initial release. That's not something that ElasticSearch know how to do.

And yes if it works well we'll probably use it for faceted search as well.