Export to zip crashes user session


Our configuration is nuxeo 5.8, httpd on a dedicated server in front of a single Nuxeo instance. Postgres and NFS services are also installed on dedicated servers. We re heading for a cluster configuration hence the situation.

When I try to export and download a Zip file, be it from the selection or from the export options, the server takes some time (about 30 seconds) and crashes the user session (internal server error).

No ERROR entry in server.log, no special CPU load on any of the servers implied, nuxeo.db.transactiontimeout was set to its default value, well under the time it takes for the session to crash.

What's happening ?

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More details : the AJP connector was responsible for the timeout, it was set to 600 sec … now the request takes 10 minutes, but the behaviour is the same. There has been an error in the log mentionning that an error occured and had been throwned to the HTTP container. (not sure this is related, it is a production server with some activity and it is quite hard to trace this specific request).

I have a test environment quite similar, and the studio updates makes the server crash. The main difference being that NFS peformances are worst. I suspect NFS to be reponsible of this situation. The Tmp and Binaires mounts have been set up according to the documentation.

Any more clues or ways to investigate this problem ?