Performance Issue when working with Nuxeo Custom Database Schema

We made custom database scripts to setup Nuxeo database. Nuxeo seemed to work fine.

Now we are using Nuxeo REST API to upload documents to Nuxeo DM 5.6 in bulk, Uploading goes fine but our logs show that DocumentService.CreateDocument(DocRef, Type, Name, PropertyMap) takes on average 5 seconds to upload a document.

That was not affordable at all so we started Nuxeo DM 5.6 with database schema being created by Nuxeo engine itself. Document got uploaded in 100ms :) That was a huge difference.

We have analyzed our scripts several time and there is one apparent difference we have been able to find and that is TABLESPACE. Well there are other differences as well like default entries made by Nuxeo and Nuxeo tables that got names like DR$FULL_8FEEFF02_IDX$K

By default Nuxeo 5.6 uses our schema default TABLESPACE, but we have created constraints and indexes to use another tablespace.

Could someone please guide us what are we missing? Why database schema created by Nuxeo engine and our custom database schema got such marked performance difference? Is this really the difference between TABLESPACES? If that so, then why?

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