How can I create new Document Types in Nuxeo Web UI without using Studio?

I'm learning and using Nuxeo for a personal project for a small group of people. I would like to create some custom Document types to simplify working with our Data. I've tried creating a new package with the Nuxeo CLI.
I've based my Schema on one from I've created a package: But when I add my package, I can't seem to be able to check anything in. I'm not seeing any errors in the Docker server start logs. WIthout the package I can see document types from the Samples Component from Marketplace.
(I'm having difficulting creating from those too.)

What am I doing wrong? How can I add a new Document type and then Create a document from it?

Clarification Update:
The project I got the Schema from and based my Work is using JSF-UI. I'm trying to convert it to the new Web-UI.

Follow-Up Question:
If I sign up for the 30 day trial, can I decompile the generated Nuxeo package and work on it manually after the 30 days are up?

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Hi Tim,

You shouldn't create document types outside of Nuxeo Studio. This is really not recommended at all, and you'll face for sure issues.

For demos and really small projects, you can use a trial account to do so (you have 30 days).

I can see you're using Nuxeo JSF UI (deprecated): you'd better use Nuxeo Web UI. There are plenty of resources in the Documentation site and in University to help you.

Have a great day

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@Greg Do my Updates to the Question change the answer at all? Also I realize the follow-up Q I tagged on was probably bad form, but I didn't think it warranted a whole new question post. Thank you.