Why documents are not visible to group members

  1. Documents which are uploaded by 1 member is not visible to another member of same group.
  2. Same document gets listed on other folders as well.

This is kind of weird behavior.

Update: 3/28/2014

Nothing is too easy but if it is too difficult then i must be doing it wrong. True in my case, with a day of exploration i found it perfectly working like charm now. I feel there should be some user guide on how to use nuxeo. For my earlier questions, i found the reasons.

  1. I was working on Workspaces. Documents need to be published to sections to be shown up to other group users.
  2. Some Access rights/Local Configuration Issue.
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Your report was totally unhelpful and did not provide any indication of what you did exactly. That's not how you're going to get help.

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