Integration with Microsoft Exchange

Hello, Nuxeo!

We want to use Nuxeo platform as a repository of files attached MS Exchange, in order to relieve MS Exchange. How we can do this?

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If you're talking about doing this in real-time then one possible approach…write an MsExchange listener

  1. Before email delivery extract the attachment(s)
  2. Use Nuxeo API to create Nuxeo document - with binaries and metadata
  3. Use the UID (unique ID) from Nuxeo document creation to create a hyperlink to the Nuxeo document attachment (security will be a concern here - could use a unique generated token that get's stored with attachment & embedded in URL - either way you need a mechanism to secure assets stored in Nuxeo)
  4. Save the hyperlink into the yet-to-be-delivered email
  5. Delete the attachment from the yet-to-be-delivered email
  6. Let the mail delivery complete

This is one possible approach - the best solution in your case depends on your requirements and goals. Speed of execution, security and single object storage are all important considerations in the solution. If an off-line solution is acceptable then a similar process can apply without the same need for speed of execution.

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