IntelliJ versus Eclipse?


I'm a big fan of IntelliJ and any JetBrains development environment, so I'd prefer to use it as my go to IDE. However, I notice that Eclipse is more mature in regards to Nuxeo.

Has anyone here worked with both development environments? Which do you prefer, and why?

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I originally used Eclipse to hack Nuxeo code and develop Nuxeo modules. However, I found that the Maven support integrated into Eclipse did not handle Nuxeo's deep, hierarchical maven projects well. I eventually disabled the Eclipse m2eclipse plugin and used the external maven-eclipse-plugin to manage Eclipse classpaths, etc. I did try the Nuxeo Eclipse IDE plugin for a while with mixed results.

Eventually, I switched to Intellij because its integrated Maven support handles Nuxeo's deep, hierarchical maven projects really well. Simply import a project at any level of the maven hierarchy and the IDE just works.

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Fantastic! Thanks for your insightful answer, rg1. There isn't much exchange in the forums, or elsewhere, on IntelliJ and Nuxeo integration, so this is a big help in understanding their relationship.

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Hi rg1,

Another thing, what IntelliJ release are you running? I'm attempting to use Community '15, but receive the error:

"PluginException: cannot create class "org.nuxeo.intellij.actions.NuxeoShellAction" [Plugin: org.nuxeo.intellij]"

I noticed that this may not be the case for Community '13. Ideas?