Why can't tags be found with full text search ?

It sounds a bit strange to me that there is a separate search for tags and for text search. Imagine you have thousands of documents with each a couple of tags attached to it: how would you be able to find the right tag you want to use to search for a certain document ?

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This is indeed a missing feature: the names of the tags could be aggregated in the fulltext index field of the tagged documents. I opened a jira issue to track this feature request:


Please feel free to register on jira and vote for this issue to increase it's priority. Alternatively please feel free to submit a pull request on github :)

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I forgot my JIRA password. I applied for a new password, an email was sent to me, but when I set a new password, the web page answered an error occurred in the "LDAP block". So, no way for me to vote for this issue !