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I use Nuxeo Community Edition and I added documents in my workspace. I added tags in the document's properties and I would like perform a search including tags. If I type a tag in the search bar, Nuxeo don't find my document. I can use the tags cloud but I can't specify text in the full-text search field. Is there any way to do this ? If yes, how do this ?

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Note, there is no "Nuxeo Community Edition". There is a single version of the Nuxeo Platform, free for everyone.

Old question, but if anyone needs an answer: if you need to search using the tags, a document's tags are stored in the ecm:tag metada. Examples on how to query using this field can be found here: It should be possible to create a field to search using it in the search form.

I also see that the 7.4 version has a "tags" field in the faceted search.


Just to clarify, there's not ecm:tag metadata on a document. However NXQL uses the ecm:tag pseudo-property syntax to allow you to easily query on a document's tag, which are stored as relations (tagging) to a tag object.

Thx for the explanation.