error log in server and oracle data saving

Hello Team,

We are using nuxeo Content Management 5.9.2.

  1. Our Nuxeo is configured with Oracle DB. Last week we had some issues and we set up the nuxeo server again and we established the link with the oracle db again but we are getting error log message whenever we are trying to fetch the document though the document opens properly and we are able to download it also. here is the error log. 2014-04-29 14:07:02,826 ERROR [http-bio-localhost-8080-exec-83] [org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.web.common.vh.VirtualHostHelper] Could not retrieve base url correctly

  2. Though we have configured the nuxeo with Oracle we see that Nuxeo is still pointing and fetching data from C:\ProgramData\Nuxeo\data(default feature) and the size of server C:\ProgramData\Nuxeo\data is increasing as we are pushing more data in the Nuxeo. Along with it the oracle db is not increasing its size so much though it is increasing little bit. Is this the default Nuxeo architecture or we are going wrong somewhere?

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