Cannot registering instance

I got a problem on registering my instance with Nuxeo Connect. It always give me the error :

Nuxeo Connect registration can not be validated. Can not authenticate against the Nuxeo Connect Server. If you just registered with the setup wizard or the Connect website, check that you did not forget to click on the activation link in the mail sent to you during the registration. (Connect server refused authentication (returned 401))

I use the linux vm installation (downloaded from the site). The error happen when I try to bind your instance to a project. I've already check the firewall, but nothing was blocked.

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A common 401 issue with registration is due to the VM time being outdated: your server request appears as expired when contacting the Nuxeo Connect server.

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Exactly what I needed, thx ;)

I have the same problem and do not know how to solve it. I followed the documentation steps, and I keep getting this error. Can anyone help me with this?

I solved it, my problem was that the server did not have the correct date and time.

Did you follow this documentation?

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Yes, it was the first document that I've read. Currently we are evaluating Nuxeo for our company use. That's why I use the linux vm and Nuxeo Studio 30days trial. Could be this the problem?