Nuxeo 7.2, Debian Jessie and Java 8

Hi there. I noticed there aren't any official Jessie (latest Debian stable) packages (yet) in That should'nt be much of a problem, as Wheezy still works perfectly and isn't too old.

But, it looks like Nuxeo 7.2 demands Java 8, which isn't officially available on Wheezy. Is this intended?

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The Java 8 requirement is intended.
It needs to be installed manually (as in: not by the nuxeo package) as it's not available in the official repositories on some of the supported distributions (the package is the same on all of them).

Jessie compatibility hasn't been tested yet, it will probably be done for the 7.3 release.
Unless they made major changes, the current package should work though.

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Here's a few more elements. First, for those who don't remember how to install Java 8 on a Debian-based distro, let's use java-package : a set a scripts to build a real Debian package out of an official Oracle JDK.

Then, another problem on Jessie, and I'm not sure how to deal with it : nuxeo depends on ffmpeg-nuxeo, which in turn seems to depend on libavcodec-extra-53. Thing is, Jessie only ships with libavcodec-extra-56 (I can't guess why they had to use different package names and not versions, but hey).

It might be a good idea to modify Nuxeo “Depends” on future releases. Still, has anyone already found a good way to deal with it?

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Managed to find an easy way to fake package, so it's great and all. Thing is, lot of dependencies are broken on Debian : ffmpeg-nuxeo is missing, and the alternative ffmpeg is notoriously absent from Debian (replaced by avconv over a much debated issue, IIRC).

When has Nuxeo-on-Debian became so uneasy? Last time I checked, it worked perfectly, didn't it?


The latest ffmpeg-nuxeo package is a static build, it has no dependencies.
If you want mp4 support you'll have to recompile your own though, we can't distribute it due to licensing restrictions.

libavcodec-extra-53 is in the "Recommends" for the nuxeo package, it's not a hard dependency.


Great, so that means I could just pop ffmpeg-nuxeo from any other distro and dpkg it onto Jessie? Wouldn't it be better to offer it through Debian repos too, then? I'll try that anyway.

As to Recommends vs. Depends, it's my mistake : I do confirm it's in the former section. Now I can't guess why Jessie demands it so hard.