tab "Relations" and "folderish" facet

Hello, when I created a new document type with the facet “Folderish”, the tab “Relations” disappears in the document. Why ? Is it possible to reactivate this tab ?


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The tab relation definition is like that:

<action id="TAB_RELATIONS" link="/incl/tabs/document_relations.xhtml"
  enabled="true" label="action.view.relations" order="55">
  <filter id="view_relations">
    <rule grant="true">
    <rule grant="false">
    <rule grant="false">

You have to contribute

  • an action with the same id to override and merge the filter you want. I don't remember the merge possibilities about filter, actions, etc… If ones have this information quickly than me without checking the source code…
  • or you can just create the same contribution with another id (“TAB_RELATION_FOR_MYDOC” for instance) with the filter you want.
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