Reseting tabs after a workflow start

It is easy to add a workflow tab for folders, but after the workflow start tabs are reseted to default one. It means that it needs to open the workflow tab two times, ie. to start and to add participants. Is there a simple, configuration way to change it ?

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This tab cache reset has been fixed indeed in

The cache is reset only when workflows are cancelled or finished.

(Thanks Anahide!)

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There is still the problem that after start the new workflow there is reset to the default tab. I use a nonstandard, custom tab as the default for some kind of documents and also workflows for folderish documents, so the summary is not shown or is the second tab. In that case it is necessary to open workflow or summary tabs two times, i.e. to start workflow and to add principals to the workflow.

I added your comment inside our task. Thanks for your feedback


I assume you are using version 5.8.

There are mainly two ways to start a workflow from the UI:

  • Using the “Workflow process” widget, displayed automatically by Nuxeo in the “Summary” tab of documents. If you start a workflow from there then you are right: the “Workflow” tab is not automatically open. But Nuxeo now displays the task below the other information => There is no need to display the tab:

    alt text

  • If you configure your application and add a “User Action” in studio (for example, a Toolbar button), then in the chain bound to this element, you probably call Workfolws > Start Workflow (give the id of the workflow, check the “start” checkbox). In this case, the “Your Tasks” information is not displayed, so you may want to switch to the Workflow tab, which requires two steps, 2 operations to add to the chain:     User Interface > Raise Seam Events

    seamEvents: locationSelectionChanged

    User Interface > Change Tab



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Hi Thibaud,

Thank you for your answer, but according to your first point, there is assumption, that "Summary" tab is shown (it is not true for folderish document) and it is the default (first) tab (it is not always true).

The second point has a disadventure that it is a bit difficult to select different workflows when a user starts the action.



Hi, I believe this is a bug, now fixed:

Hi Amad,

Yes you're right, I used shortcuts here and the default, out-of-the-box examples for a File, for sure, sorry for that!

And happy it is fixed for next 5.8HF/FastTrack :-)