Missing buttons after studio update?

Hello! I'm sure this is something I'm just overlooking, but after spending two days trying to nail it down, I'll ask.

I've just installed NuxeoDM 5.6 to test for my company. I'd like to add a custom workflow, so I signed up for the studio trial, created a workflow, then updated my instance. Now I can see under Admin>Workflow my WF is in there. When I go to a document, the area where it used to say “Workflow processes” is now gone and it says “custom actions” Hello world button.

How can I get the button to start workflows back?

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You must have done more than creating a workflow on your studio project. Do you have any custom tabs defined? The "Hello world" button shouls be somewhere on your instance too, maybe in user actions?

Can you give more details?


The reason for this is because the summary layout for the “file” doc type in Studio is overriden to show what is possible to do, but it does not include the workflow process widget. You can add it in Studio > Content Model > Documents >Files and then on the summary layout. Take the widget “workflow process” on the right and drop it somewhere in the summary layout, save and redeploy. It should now be there :)

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Thanks, that did it! Still learning my way around. :)