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I have successfully managed to extract information from nuxeo platform to my documents through document templates in .odt format. Nuxeo documentation says that document templates are also supported in .docx format but I do not manage to do so. I get the error “rendition delivery is not available for this document”.

The only thing I can think of is the different type of fields. openoffice uses “Input Field” which doesn't exist in microsoft word (I use MS Word for mac 2011). I have tried fill-in fields instead, which doesn't do the trick. I have also tried to generate my template in .odt format (tested that works fine) and save a copy as .docx which didn't work either because the fields are lost along the way.

How do I manually generate document templates in MS word that extract nuxeo platform information about my document and place it automatically into my document?

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When you install Nuxeo Template rendering, it creates examples in the Templates root folder of your default-domain. One of them is called “Customer reference using Word template” and should help you on that subject.

You should be able to access document property on the doc directly by using the ${} syntax. Like ${doc.title} for instance


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Thank you Fred for your useful hint. For future reference the type of field used in word is "mergefield", syntaxis of toggled field is: { MERGEFIELD ${nuxeoproperty} * MERGEFORMAT } Cheers!