When creating a File Template in Nuxeo UI getting 500 error

When browsed to “Templates” folder and creating a “File Template”, the preview in view is just showing an error code, {"entity-type":"exception","status":500,"message":"Error while converting via CommandLineService"}. The file I am browsing is an empty word document, created from scratch in Microsoft Word, Version 16.36. We haven't used templates yet and we are in the process of implementing groups of teams into Nuxeo, we don't have anyone in Prod yet. I have attached the document I am trying to upload.

FILES:   sampleNew.docx
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Hi Eric,

I've tested on nightly.nuxeo.com and the file is correctly previewed (well, it's an empty file, but it doesn't throw any error). So it is probably because OpenOffice is badly configured on your server (or not installed). Please check https://doc.nuxeo.com/nxdoc/installing-and-setting-up-related-software/#libreoffice-configuration.


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