path is not getting reflected after renaming workspace or a folder

Path is not reflected with renamed folder name. In the below nuxeo response renaming a folder (latestFolder to Flower ) changes the title but not the path. Even I renamed rose folder to rose1 but still path shows the old value. So can anyone help me to get the correct path of a folder? {

      "entity-type": "document",
      "repository": "default",
      "uid": "4fdd5bf1-02b1-4bce-90b4-a6cbdb036a12",
      "path": "/default-domain/workspaces/**rose**/**latestFolder"**,
      "type": "Folder",
      "state": "project",
      "parentRef": "2d9e5366-4e9b-48a1-85bf-15cc65beda6a",
      "isCheckedOut": true,
      "changeToken": "1472199494862",
      "title": "**Flower**",
      "lastModified": "2016-08-26T08:18:14.86Z",
      "facets": [
      "entries": []

} thank you for your response

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in short, the title was changed, not the name.

When you create a document, the name may be initialised with the title. It will not if there is already a document with the same name in the same folder or if the title is too long, etc.

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