How to export 1 file content (binary / blob) from Nuxeo into intermidiate server using Nuxeo Export Utility ?

I am able to export the documents manually. As the process is given in Nuxeo Documentation. That is a very simple and manual process. But is there any other process through which we can export existing documents in Nuxeo through automation ?

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the command endpoint knows the /api/automation/Document.Export service. This uses

  • exportAsTree
  • exportAsZip automation chains.

Besides that there is the /api/automation/Blob.ExportToFS command (

Using the /api/automation/Document.GetBlobs you get a list of available blobs, /api/automation/Document.GetBlob returns a speficfile.

Finbally, there is the docu for creating an automation chain for exporting data.

Hope this info helps you.


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