ZIP Tree XML Import

Under “Export View”, you can select ZIP Tree XML Export.

Is there a way to re-import the resulting file with expanded content into another instance of Nuxeo? (Provided that the same document-types exist).

Through the web interface? Programmatically?


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You can simply Drag & Drop the Zip in the Nuxeo web UI : it will import the content. So you can export a folder tree as a zip and reimport it somewhere else or on an other Nuxeo server.

We very recently discovered a bug when the Zip/XML export is done on a leaf node, this has been corrected in the tunk. => see NXP-8072

You can also use the java API to import the Zip. For more details, you can check the online documentation.

There is also an Automation Binding that you can use to import data via http API (the same way the Dnd does). See Explorer


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I have Nuxeo DM 5.6, … and I try in multiple ways, but cannot see how to drag and drop a zip file, so that it would unzip its content.

Is there anything that I missed?




I'm having the same issue as Patrick and Hachicha, on Nuxeo 5.8 using Firefox and Chrome. Any resolution to this? I noticed in the documentation that drag and drop for folders only works in Internet Explorer. Could that also be the case for zip tree xml imports? Also, is there any way to import single xml files exported from Nuxeo as Nuxeo documents rather than xml attachments?

Many thanks!

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Where exactly in the Web UI have you to do the Drag & Drop ?

Drag & Drop the zip file in the Document management tab, leads to import it as a file document.

Thank you

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Are you using a zip exported from Nuxeo? Because it works only works with the ZIP Tree XML Export under the Export view.

Yes. Here is my export :

Thank you


Same problem when I had to let users do their export / import whem migrating platform.