Mixture of DM and SC workspace

I try both DM workspace and SC workspace and see that when you create a DM workspace and then you want to create a sub workspace - that sub workspace must be DM-type workspace, you cannot create SC sub-workspace inside a DM workspace. In summary when CREATING the sub workspace, that sub workspace must be of the same type (DM or SC) with its parent workspace.

I thought that DM workspace can only CONTAIN DM sub workspace inside (the same thing for SC workspace). But there's something else happens: when I export a DM workspace (ZIP Tree XML Export ) to a file, then it's able to be imported into a SC workspace. The same thing can be done: export a SC workspace and then import it to be a sub-workspace of a DM workspace.

What I see here is that: it's not possible to CREATE subworkspace of different type (SC or DM) with parent workspace, but it is possibe to IMPORT a sub workspace of different type.

Can anyone tell whether I'm right or wrong here? And if it's right, are there any problem when in using this kind of workspace type mixture?

Thank you.

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