Nuxeo Export / Import data between versions with document relations included


We are facing an interesting challenge with Nuxeo platform. We have some Nuxeo 5.4.3 instances and we want to migrate all the documents to a single already running instance with version 8.10. We have tried the bulk export / import :

  • we export the workspace/folder with export option in 5.4.3 (including blob)
  • we import the ZIP in 8.10 successfully, but the relations between documents are missing.

How can we preserve document relations? Can we make the content transfer in a better way including doc relations?

Thanks in advance

P.D. When importing in 8.10 we have found sometimes that document validation (for example, with field dc:subjects) breaks all the process with the message:

Caused by: org.nuxeo.ecm.core.api.validation.DocumentValidationException: Constraint violation thrown: '"DeptName/J..." is not a valid l10nsubjects id.'

How can we avoid this validation?

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I cannot dig into your issue for now but AFAIK, it's always better to do all the migration step by step from 5.4.3 to all the next versions:



Hi Vladimir Pasquier and thanks for your response: Yes, we have made some migrations following the documentation and usually works fine. But that's not what we want to do. We don't wanna migrate a nuxeo version. We want to migrate (“move”) the content from one instance to another preserving structure and relations. That's why we have tried the bulk import/export but with no success because of the validation of some metadata which we want to avoid. Is it possible? And how to preserve document relations when bulk import/export documents ?


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So I guess all your metadata validations are made via listeners? In this case you can deactivate them (with studio you have a button on your right top side otherwise in XML you set enable=false for each related listener) to let pass all the documents getting imported.

The relations are themselves abstract documents that are linking your assets. The fact you're not migrating your Nuxeo and re-importing your data in another server make it hard to keep your relations (with specific ids etc…).

I would migrate first this Nuxeo version. Then try to import the data + the db tables to the target one. Or add a new content repository.