How to delete a user personal workspace

A large number of users have been removed from our platform. Now, their personal workspace does not contain data to be retained. How can we completely remove these workspaces?
(These (ldap) users have never connected themselves. Workspaces have emerged during “find” operations via the Admin Center> Users and Groups module.)

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I don't know, but you can go up with the first icon in the breadcrumb, at the left of the domain name

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Many thanks.
It's OK (with this URL : https://…..default-domain/UserWorkspaces@view_documents )

…but the UserWorkspaces item is not active in my breadcrumb. How can I change that ?

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With an admin account, go to your personal workspace, and go up (use the breadcrumb)

For example on the Nuxeo demo website :

You should then be able to delete these folders. (don't forget to delete them from the trash)

You can also use the Nuxeo Shell. And maybe create a script to :

  • List item
  • loop through user workspaces
  • check if the user still exists in the LDAP server
  • check if the user workspace is empty
  • delete the user workspace

Then just go to the trash to check and permanently delete them

Hope it helps

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