Can´t see anything in my personal dashboard

How do documents / workspaces appear in my personal dashboard? I have created several documents and workspaces and I have published them but none appear in my dashboard. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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What is your Nuxeo version?

It is 5.4.

What are gadgets enabled in your dashboard?

To see your document (that you are author by modification date you need to have My documents gadget enabled, ….


I strongly recommend you to look Nuxeo video presentation or go to a webinar.

English one:

French one :

For registration to a live webinar:

We didn't plan webinar during vacations but will come back for january. During Webinar you can ask your question.

Without answers from you I select my answer as the right one.

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Thank you very much.

I upgraded to 5.5 and problem solved. Regards.

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