page not found after every login and other actions


I've installed a Nuxeo 7.10 VM and applied the Hotfix until HF12. The instance is behind an HTTPS reverse proxy, with the X-Forwarded-Proto and nuxeo-virtual-host headers set.

it works almost fine : everytime I log in, I get “Sorry page not found, return to home page” displayed. Clicking the link “Back to homepage” works however, trying to access the user's preferences page or the user's personal workspace display the same “Page not found” page.

When failing to access the user's personal workspace, the URL is like :

Any ideas on what's wrong ?

Thanks, Ionel

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Anything in the log file?

Nope, thus not a misbehavior from Nuxeo.

Well, got it working. After comparing what was working or not between

  • tomcat direct access
  • access through the configured apache2 reverse proxy
  • my setup with haproxy I found that the setup I had working with Nuxeo 5.6 (yeah, I know) were too aggressive for Nuxeo 7.10.

Thus, I've removed all URL rewriting for the Location header, doing simple proxy task.

And it worked.

Lesson learned : don"t stick too much on the doc when it's not explicitly made for you. Just use it as an inspiration …

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