How to add a third party jar, to have it used at runtime in a nuxeo ide web-engine project ?

Hi, I'd like to know how to add a third party jar to a web engine project in nuxeo studio in order to have it found at runtime. I' done the tutorial for the webengine project and everythin was running fine. Then I wanted to add a third party jar (jsoup). My code compile in nuxeo ide, but when I launch the server and call my test url, i got a NoClassDefFound. I've added the jar in my user library as explained here : and when I saw it was not found, I've added the dependency in the pom.xml (see provided screenshot).

But the class is still not found after a stop / start of the server. I've also tried to create a lib directory at the root of my project and add this internal jar to User Library, but still no success to have it found at runtime.

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I've resolved my question, for all the other who will have the same problem : You need to edit the deployement configuration (there is a button for that in the nuxeo server view) and check your libraries.alt text

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