Nuxeo and renditions

I am looking to add documents that have multiple renditions. In my case they will be documents that contains XML or JSON fragments.

I want to use CMIS api to use getRenditions() api to retrieve the appropriate view of the document.

Is nuxeo supporting this ability yet? If so is there any useful documentation?

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Nuxeo implemented support for the CMIS getRenditions service in the 5.9.4 release. Here is an example getRenditions service request using the Browser Binding. The example response is included as well

Request URL:

JSON Response

        "streamId": "nuxeo:icon",
        "mimeType": "image/gif",
        "length": 1384,
        "kind": "cmis:thumbnail",
        "title": "image.gif",
        "height": 16,
        "width": 16
        "streamId": "nuxeo:rendition:pdf",
        "mimeType": "application/pdf",
        "length": null,
        "kind": "nuxeo:rendition",
        "title": "label.rendition.pdf"
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