How to create renditions?

Hi, I want to store renditions to my documents which I can request by using the CMIS interface (i.e. with function getRenditions() of the CMIS ObjectService). How can I append such renditions to my documents inside Nuxeo?

Thanks in advance.

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At the moment (Nuxeo 5.5) you cannot. As is documented on in the “Model mapping” section, secondary content streams in Nuxeo are not visible as CMIS renditions.

But this feature could be implemented if requested by a customer.

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Has this changed with 5.9.x versions of nuxeo? I have this same need now.

According to the CMIS 1.1 spec, “CMIS provides no capability to create or update renditions accessed through the rendition services.”

However, the Nuxeo RenditionService ( provides a mechanism to generate renditions by leveraging automation operation chains to transform the main Blob of interest.

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