Postgresql setup for 9.x: if the CAST setup still required?

The nuxeo documentation on postgresql says something about adding CAST functions to template0 before creating the database. As far as I can tell, with PG version 9.1.8 and later, these functions have a null effect – the builtin casts already do this. Can someone please confirm for me that the documentation is in this regard, obsolete?

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I'm not sure. If you have feedback on this on an actual instance we could update the doc.

Well, so far, I have not seen the "invalid operator" exception in nuxeo logs, against pg 9.5 and nuxeo build 8.4. The special cast instructions were never followed. `

I can confirm that the casts are not needed anymore in recent Nuxeo versions. They're in the process of being removed from the documentation.

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