Nuxeo Themes Bank Registration

I started learning about the Nuxeo theme editor. While looking around, I found some options relying on theme banks. Where can I connect to or register a theme bank?

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Hi, The theme editor is no longer supported by Nuxeo: we usually recommend to use Nuxeo Studio for any Branding customization. What are your needs exactly ?

Well I just found the theme editor still accessible in

What I need is to fully customize the look and feel of the application. I find the theme editor pretty much complete, provided that I can connect to a theme bank.

Is the branding customization similar to the theme editor? What are the things I should know to utilize it?


Yes, the theme editor is still accessible as a demo but is no longer supported: that means we won't be able to help you quickly on it.

We don't provide anymore tools to fully customize the application, since we want to keep any upgrade as an easy step. The more you change / override the UI, the more time-consuming any update will be.

The Branding in Nuxeo Studio allows you to quickly update the login page, logo and main colors, + a CSS to update some styles if needed. See

Usually users which want to change the UI build a light application on top of the application with HTML5 / Angular / Rest-api, and hide all the administration elements from end users.


Thank you very much. Is it possible to use the Nuxeo Studio dynamic workflow feature on your custom UI built using AngularJS and HTML5?

No. Nuxeo Studio is made for developers who don't want to write complex Java code without knowing all the impacts on the platform. This way, Nuxeo Studio works with contribution (xml, jSon, …). But usually for writing HTML / Js, developers want to do it with your own tools, depending on their tastes. So we let developers a total freedom about that.

If you want to be guided to the right way you can use Nuxeo IDE and see the documentation about creating a nuxeo project:

Or you can check how this project is build or even try it on your application:



The Nuxeo Theme Editor is no longer supported by Nuxeo so we don't recommend developers to use it.

For a first quick customization (login page, colors, logo, …) you should use Nuxeo Studio and check the Branding section:

To write a plugin on top of the application with a simplifyed interface, you should use Nuxeo IDE and check the following documentation:

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