retrieve a deleted document


The goal is to allow this deletion only if the articles have a “valid” or “aRediger” workflow status

I tried to interceive with an event 'AboutToRemove' to perform some treatment but it does not work anymore.

Can you give me some help.

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Hi Lassad,

you can make a lifecycle contribution for your DocumentType with your states “valid”, “aRediger”, etc; and define your transition “delete” only from “valid” and “aRediger”. It works for a global delete control of your documents: UI, APIv1, Automation, … Also, you can define the “undelete” transition to recovery it.

You can find below documentation about design or contribute for your lifecycle:

Hope it helps.

Regards, VS!

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Hi Victor, How i can define a lifecyle contribution with our states in xml file

Hi Lassad, you can find information about how to contribute here: