Limiting customisation scope to one domain

Hello all, I have 2 very different end-users groups, i'm planning to create 2 domains (one per group). Is it possible to limit the scope of some studio customisations to one domain ? How ?

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Depending on how much different the configuration should be on those workspace, you can also use local configuration:

(Applying a Preset Look to a Space, Changing the Presentation of Document Lists, Defining the Authorized Document Types, Local Search Configurations)

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Thank you for response. Let's go for a second nuxeo instance ! I am not very happy to have to manage an other server with postgres, tomcat, nuxeo.

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You can use the same postgres server with jsut another DB name. And you can run the second Nuxeo instance on the same physical server which won't run on the same port. The with Apache or NGinx you configure virtual hosting so that the two nuxeo server have their own URL.

No, it is not possible. As Studio defines for instance new document types, it's something that it configured at Nuxeo core level wich is a server wide customisation.

If the user and the customisation are different, why not use to instances of Nuxeo ?

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