Customizing metadata with Nuxeo 5.8 (not studio)

I have an instance of Nuxeo 5.8 installed and running on s3 and I want to extend it so I can add customized metadata to an asset. E.g., say a normal asset has metadata like “title”, “description” and “author”, I want to be able to add my own fields like “brand” and “SKU” (among others).

From what I understand it's only possible to do this via the front end when you have upgraded to Studio, so what I'm looking at doing is somehow extending the API (and the related XSDs?) to allow extra metadata. Also, once I've extended the API I'm aware that I'll have to provide my own front end that interfaces with my extended API, and will have to bypass the out-of-the-box Nuxeo front end.

What exactly do I need to do to achieve this? I'm guessing I'll need to write a Java app that interfaces with the Nuxeo API somehow?

I'm struggling a bit to find documentation for 5.8 - I did come across Customizing metadata for 5.5, but I'm guessing this is out of date?

Any insight would be much appreciated.

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Yes you can extend a Document's metadata or create your own type of document (with his own metadata) without passing by the Studio.

You can do it with the Nuxeo IDE and you can read the Dev Cookbook for learn how to do it. The Nuxeo Studio is only the “easy way” of doing it. Yo don't have to make any of the java you said, just follow the links I gave you.

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still this answer relevant, as Nuxeo IDE link is not valid

Hi Chris,

We've open-sourced an XML-only marketplace package at that hopefully illustrates some of the things you can do to make custom data types and make them installable via Admin Center.

Unfortunately since everyone's UI's needs are different, the XML for custom document type and entry forms in that project are necessarily generic and incomplete. :)

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Thanks Leonardo, I've tried to install the example package from this page to my 5.8 install.

I've downloaded the .jar, unpacked it and opened it with Eclipse and built it with Maven to get me my .zip file. I've uploaded it and installed it via the Admin Center but after clicking install after Nuxeo has restarted the plugin shows as uninstalled (i.e., the same as it was before I clicked install before the restart).

I'm guessing this could have something to do with the version?

Is there any more up to date docs that covers 5.8?

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Ok, I've never installed this kind of plugin since the admin center, I install it manually: I copy the fichier .jar to ${NUXEO.HOME}/nxserver/plugins

Because if you want to install it from the Admin Center you need to add other files.


The link that I gave you covers the version 5.8 (you can see it at the top rigtht of the page)

Both 5.8 and 5.6 were failing after installing the package from the page I mentioned above because it had a dependency on nuxeo-dm 5.9.4 which it was attempting to download from the Connect servers, which obviously failed since I don't have a Connect subscription. Downloading a nightly build that included 5.9.4 fixed this problem for me. Thanks for your help!