how could i publish a document in a specific folder

i´d like to publish a new document when it is in the state of approve in the life cycle.

i´m following this example, am i right?? i know i need to change things, but i don´t know which ones.

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It looks like you're really asking the question :

We are very happy that people ask questions but please ask them only once :)

Anyway, I guess you are using studio and automation chains. In that case, there is an operation call publish Document :

This operation is used in the example you are following, so it's be a good entry point.

Basically, this operation will publish the document input to the parameter of the operation (might be a path or a doc id). You just need to determine what is the publishing target of your document and how to find it (several ways to do that, the operation fetch>query is one them).

Please also not that your use case in not trivial and probably requires to be familiar with Nuxeo Automation concepts:


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thanks a lot