Is there documentation about Jmeter for Nuxeo?

I have to do test with JMeter on my Nuxeo application and i would like to know if it exists documentation about this?

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There is no specificity to test Nuxeo with JMeter than other web application. I think the best documentation is the JMeter's. What specificity you are looking for?

By the way, Nuxeo use to choose FunkLoad to bench the platform. You can look at the documentation here :

This is open source, and you have scenarios used by Nuxeo as reference into Nuxeo source code :

If you want to test this scenario on your local Nuxeo DM, you just have to:

  • install Funkload (
  • checkout the scenario from Nuxeo source with mercurial (

Be careful to take the same source version than your Nuxeo instance you have locally

  • go into nuxeo-distribution/nuxeo-distribution-dm/ftest/funkload/ directory
  • read the README.txt
  • and execute this command line: “make bench” if you want to execute the bench
  • execute “make” if you want just to test the scenario with just one virtual user.

If your Nuxeo Instance is not local of your bench server just add URL=http://monserver:8080/nuxeo. For instance:

  • make URL=http://monserver:8080/nuxeo
  • make bench URL=http://monserver:8080/nuxeo

Be careful to use the same version of Funkload scenario and your Nuxeo instance.

You can start with the Nuxeo's scenario to test your developments or create your own:

Hope this will help you.

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