Error trying to access components on Maven / Nexus

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How your paying customers should login then ?

Connect account does not function and btw the sources at Maven repository cannot be downloaded either. I should rely on github. Last but not least, this particular HF was updated to my demand, cf : SUPNXP-14456

Nuxeo‑Connect account credentials (my employer's ones as nuxeo customer) seem not to be propagated yet through ; whereas it does perfectly well on Nuxeo's Studio maven repository (

But nearly all of our processes (deployments, change management/rollback, unit testing incl the chains we designed in studio, mvel coding, java bundle coding, …) rely on the availability of both binaries and attached sources — specially those marked as -HF## — starting with distribution assembly based on ant-assembly-maven-plugin (6.0) / nuxeo-distribution-tools (5.6).

By my own point of view, the main distribution channel between Nuxeo and us as customer has just been unilaterally closed.

The immediate consequence is that ALL my work abilities were reduced down to epsilon‑close‑to‑void (relying on what's still in my own ~/.m2 cache) without notice (you'll only find out when you actually need something's not in local cache). It's been for now two weeks of unplanned complete freeze for me…

Building the needed repository by myself from github requires a large amount of unplanned time and resources forcing me to beg my own company for an extra server and gigs of shared disk space I'll have to justify (not counting setting up a maven repository manager). It's not just as simple as saying ‘mvn deploy’ (nuxeo-shell in release profile asks for a keystore preventing nuxeo-launcher to build snowballing on nuxeo-distribution-resources and nuxeo-distribution-tomcat as one example among others).



We are really sorry for the inconvenience and are about to provide an efficient authenticated-based solution very soon.

However, do you still have build issues? Maven should already be able to download those artifacts during a build. That issue has been quickly fixed right after a customer raised it first. Have you submitted a SUPNXP issue for getting help?


Hi, thank's for working on authentication solution.

Yes it's yet a far better situation now : at least build can happen, which re-enables a large part of my processes. But still failing from dev environment (namely eclipse m2e) and also in link with a dedicated SUPNXP issue.


I managed to get eclipse m2e behave like maven does using ~/.m2/settings.xml near username/password settings.


Access to precompiled hotfixes is a service we offer for our paying customers.

If that's not a possibility for you, you can always compile them yourself from the source code (which is always available).


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Hotfixed artifacts are not publicly available. The source code is of course still available and we provide ad-hoc solutions to our customers.