Can an instance be registered with Nuxeo Connect via the command line?

I'm trying to write a shell script to deploy development instances of our repository, instead of bothering developers with clicking through a how-to document and following the wizard's prompts.

I didn't see anything in the documentation or the forum about this.

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What is your question?

Can an instance be registered with Nuxeo Connect from the command line? That is, is there another way to register a development instance besides filling out the web-based form in the UI? For example in a provisioning script that combines downloading all of the system dependencies and custom code into a virtual machine.

+1; yes please


There's a NuxeoCtl improvement planned about that: see NXP-11842. There are small chances to have it before the 5.8 release, but maybe for the Nuxeo 5.9.1. That would be useful indeed.

Waiting for that, you can still copy a previously generated registration file (ie: all instances will share the same registration, that is only viable for development instances, not for production): the file is named instance.clid and is located at the root of the data directory (usually nxserver/data for a development instance).

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Thank you. I will give this a try. This is indeed only for development – ordinarily it would not be a big deal to me to fill out the form, but I am finding that I have to tear down and rebuild the VM many times to accommodate other software that's being installed in the same environment.

Today this is not available. If there is sufficient demand, especially from a customer having a support contract ;-), we'll add it.

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