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I'm looking for advice setting up an ECM + WCM with blogs, wikis, etc.. and would really like to use Nuxeo for it. However I find that most CMIS-based WCM integrations only use Nuxeo for documents/assets. Having content specified with XSD it would make sense to store all records in Nuxeo, even web content like web pages, blog entries, wiki entries, etc… however I haven't seen any proper use cases for it. Even Nuxeo seems to use Python + Wordpress (PHP) + Confluence (Java) for its needs thus not really “eating their own dog food”. Jahia seems to provide XWiki based wikis (which should be easy to replicate) and Nuxeo has some “primitive” support for blogs and websites so I was trying to gather some opinions from anyone who has done something similar using Nuxeo (pros/cons).

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Hi Nelson, We use different tools indeed at Nuxeo and we are definitely eating our own dog food but you can't see it :-) However, it is true that Nuxeo Platform is definitely not an out of the box WCM solution. I would add to that that there are many kinds of WCM solutions and the advice once could give might depend on which kind you are looking for.

If you think WCM as a tool to publish structured content on web pages, definitely Nuxeo can empower this, and some more technical folks might add some info on how to do this. This front-end could be custom made, on the same stack as Nuxeo, and relying on some of the framework provided by Nuxeo like WebEngine or separated even on another technology. In that case, I think the Content Automation API is a good pick to push structured content to a front-end or pull it from there (there are even some client libraries that have been created, in Java but also in PHP)… CMIS is indeed, at least in my understanding, more focused on document or digital asset management kind of integrations. We hope to share more works done in that direction by some projects and users in the community and we would welcome any input or contribution! You mention on your needs blog and wiki entries and this could be provided by Nuxeo. For the rest of your need, I don't know.

If you think WCM as a marketing and customer experience solution where you also do a lot of things like engaging with the users, building and constantly updating landing pages, running marketing campaign, capturing feedback from your customers, optimizing your writing for the Web (which includes some technical requirements that are not obvious), capturing leads, selling products… then the gap with a platform like Nuxeo is bigger and the work to be done start to be very significant. In that area, we would probably recommend integrating a best of breed WCM solution except if your primary goal is too build your own and compete with the other WCM solutions :-) Actually it would be an awesome projects and Nuxeo would certainly make a very good foundation for such a project!

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For this discussion I'd like to see WCM as a tool to publish structured content on web pages. The other features you mentioned I'd label them as WEM (Web Experience Management) and is not what I'm looking for right now. If we map these two to specifications I'd see CMIS for WCM and WEMI for WEM so, where are the proper tools for WCM with CMIS ? All I have seen so far are DMS like integrations where I have to specify web content in a separate WCM solution but what I want is to use Nuxeo to store and manage structured content. This seems simple at first but it would be nice to have standards for multilanguage handling and for usual content like news, products, etc …

Yes I agree with the WCM and WEM separation but it is not obvious and most "WCM" players today belong in fact in the other category :-) And about WEMI, obviously it is still more than early stage, but it might be very content-centric as well.

I don't know out of the box use of CMIS to provide what you want, though technically, I think it could be done. I might stick to my position of using Nuxeo APIs instead of generic ones in that respect, after all they are so powerful…


I've been looking further into this and I'd like to understand the current status of WCM with Webengine. I saw the Nuxeo World 2011 Dev Sprint's Website generator plugin but the WCM generator development seems to halted and it still is hosted in Will this be moved to GitHub as well ? Also, why are sites not using the publishing features provided by Nuxeo… pages should go through the proper workflow before being publicly available on a site, no ?

Dev sprints are a good time to prototype, brainstorm, try, play… in a sandbox. However I am not sure the team on this one came with anything concrete worth to share on Github. Retrospective here We might have other initiative tackling web publishing from Nuxeo as several community members have been doing things in that area. However, none covering the whole WCM spectrum, this should not be a promise.

Would the ongoing work on templating and renditions be a good fit for a simple WCM? The idea would be to have a dedicated site section, then pages would have a template document associated (Freemarker ) and when published the rendition would be the HTML content fragment. The site would be served through WebEngine but this would allow proper publishing workflows, and simple page templates and content caching.

Hi Nelson,

This is indeed an idea I have : using the template rendering system to build a simple WCM solution. I started a prototype, but so far, did not find enough time to make it moving forward for real. At the same time, we have partners and contributors that have build WCM solutions on Nuxeo and we started the discussion about integrating their work inside Nuxeo (along with the templating stuff).


Glad to see all the pieces coming together like this. We have simple WCM needs: pages + templates, publishing workflows and permissions so we believe it should fit like a glove with Nuxeo. We would however prefer to align any development on our end with Nuxeo's roadmap and reuse wherever possible. Will you be making your prototype available to the general public ?

Yes, as soon as I find the time to have something running it will be on github. But for now I can not give any deadline :)

Hi Thierry any ETA on getting something on github?

Sorry to keep bothering you with this but i'll probably start working on a simple WCM using Nuxeo's templates and renditions. I'll gladly make it opensource and if i can contribute it back to Nuxeo even better. If you have something started that you can share or at least some ideas/design of how you'd envision it i'll try to align my work with it.