"Preview" functionnality disappeared with Nuxeo 5.6 ?


I just installed Nuxeo 5.6, coming from Nuxeo 5.6 RC3 and I realized that the “Preview” button just disappeared :

I was really interested by this functionnality, because it allowed to quickly and efficiently comment a document

==> how to make it reappear ?

Thank you

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The Preview comes with the Document Management module, and apparently you're using the naked Platform (that we call CAP for Content Application Platform). Install Document Management from the Update Center and you should get the “eye” icon :)

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that's it, great ! Thank you

We just change a bit the ergonomy. It is available on the action list under the advanced search link into the more drop down list.

If you want to have the little eyes as the Nuxeo 5.5 version, you will have to change the Header of your document type with a Advanced Settings > XML contribution.

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Sorry but I still can't find it… have a look at the picture As you can see there is nothing in the "Plus" action list, and I did not do any XML modification