Import of Folder and Tree of Folders.


I have an question and mainly a problem, how can i import an folder / an tree of folder ??

When I Drag'n'drop, Nuxeo begin an “load”, but the procedure never stop, and folder never been import … Can you say me if it's possible and if yes, how i can do it. (With Nuxeo fonction, and not by CIFS of FTP).

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Ok, Thank for this information. I can just do with Network drive ? You don't have solution like Alfresco with .Zip unzip folder ? :/

Not fun for massive import to have to create all folder One by one, mainly for end user…

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Hi, Support of dropping of folders in HTML5 is not yet mature on the browsers, that's why we didn't implement it yet. It looks like Chrome offers interesting things to digg in. THis is definitly in the roadmap, as soon as it works ok on Chrome and Firefox (and maybe even IE if they starts supporting this correctly).

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