Possible to have Nuxeo >= 8.10/LTS-2016 without a JDK ?

According to Nuxeo 8.10/LTS-2016 upgrade notes, a JDK is now required by the Nuxeo Platform:

NXP20368 Add connect report feature to the default distributions JDK now required (JRE not enough) on the server

Since some of our environments are not connected to the internet, and - more importantly - we are reluctant to distribute the JDK, we are wondering whether the JDK is a must, and what will be the consequences if - instead of the JDK - we will only distribute the JRE; i.e. is the JDK use (i.e. the features beyond the capabilities of a JRE) only limited to the connect-report feature, or has-it/will-likely leak to other parts pf the Nuxeo Platform ?

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I don't think it has leaked to anything beyond the Connect Report module, but I'm not sure. The best way would be for you to try.

However I really don't see what the deal is with avoiding the JDK. Why do you see it as a problem vs. the JRE?

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