pdf preview not showing characters correctly

I'm newbie nuxeo , i'm trying to add preview to my application based on Nuxeo, i've installed Open Office and Poppler . Now i can preview Office documents but for PDF it's not returning any errors but characters are not showing correctly. Here is my nuxeo conf :





jod.office.home=C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenOffice 4



Is there something i have to add in my conf file ?

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I was facing similar issue but able to resolve later. We need to set the environment variable of pdftohtml converter in “path” for this solution to workout. pdftohtml folder will be in “3rdparty” folder of Nuxeo. pdftohtml folder will be there by default when u install nuxeo. If not, you can go with poppler. I hope pdftohtml/poppler is sufficient to get preview of pdf files. Libreoffice pitches in only for Office document preview.

One more thing is, I got the solution through LibreOffice. I haven't installed Openoffice and Libre Office's configurations are similar to Open office's. It looks like,

jod.office.home=C:/Program Files (x86)/LibreOffice 5

Thats all. Hope it works for u :)

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