Installing Nuxeo S3 Connector - Redirect loop


I am having trouble installing the s3 connector from Nuxeo Studio. Upon completing the restart after the installation I get stuck in a redirect loop. This has happened after multiple attempts (and the program works fine before implementing this add-on). I have used both 5.8 and 5.9.1 and tried installations on both CentOS and Windows 2008. I am using Postgresql from amazon RDS.

Has anyone seen this problem and overcome it? Does anyone know of a successful configuration for using the S3 connector?

Thanks, Tim

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Did you follow the Amazon S3 Online Storage documentation?
The addon activates a configuration template which requires some parameters to be configured in the nuxeo.conf file. You likely have to stop the server, configure the parameters, then start the server (rather than a restart). Note the documentation give pointers to check if the configuration is right (looking for INFO [S3BinaryManager] Repository 'default' using S3BinaryManager in the server logs).


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