How to handle a lot of searches in Web UI


In my project, I have more than 20 document types, and I need searches for all of them. I am following this:

All searches work properly; however, as I have a lot of searches (more than 20), I have more than 20 icons in the left menu, which is not good as it becomes difficult to handle. Is there any way to group all the searches in one single icon in the left menu? I remember that, in Nuxeo JSF, there was a kind of “select” to select one search or another. Is this possible in Web UI? If it is possible, how can I do it?

Thank you.

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Hi Rodri,

This is a very good question actually. This is a current topic of our Design team who investigate on the best way to scale a lot of configuration / actions (same goes with the document actions, the actions on the document listing, a document type with a lot of properties etc).

That said, here are my thoughts:

  • If you have different groups who access the searches, setting a filter on each search item is an option (I did it with the browse item for example, to display a root element different from one group to another)
  • You can also add search submenus, as for the admin menu for example
  • In the worst case scenario, you can create a complete new menu with pages and subpages
  • Saved searches are not configurable from Studio, so I bet there's a way to automate the saved search from automation scripting


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Thank you for your reply Gregory Carlin . In my case, all the users can use all searches, so the first option is not valid for me. About the second/third option, how can I do that? I have tried to define a nuxeo-search-form outside the "DRAWER_PAGES" slot but it is not working. It seems like this web component can only be defined inside a DRAWER_PAGES slot, because if not, it doesn't load the results form, and clicking "Search" button doesn't work.

I have also tried to modify the nuxeo-search-form element with a "select" at the top allowing to change the search, but modifying the "provider", "searchName" and "schemas" seems to be not enough. The form and the results change, but the search doesn't work.

Thank you for your help.


Hello, I've tried that, but in both examples, a link is defined (ADMINISTRATION_MENU) redirecting to a page (ADMINISTRATION_PAGES). With searchs, we have: 1) The link, 2) The form, 3) The results page. So it is not the same, and I don't know how can I apply both examples to searches. Also, as I said before, when I take the search form out of the "DRAWER_PAGES" slot, it seems the search doesn't work correctly.