Content-model Document : restraint a document only for some groups ?


Is it possible in Studio to restraint “creation” of a document type only for a group ?


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You can create a specific Button “Create New My DocType” that is only visible by your group.

Operation chain would be

  • Fetch Context Document
  • UI > Show Creation Page : type : MyDocType.
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Hello, thank you for your answer, but my problem is on the "add new document" button of nuxeo.

I want that the users of a group can only add "documents" that they are autorised on, and not all other kind of documents (with the basic button).

And this, without having to change with the interface "Administration Properties" on ALL my Workspaces.

I could'nt find the "enabled" property on custom nuxeo studio "documents".


I understand, but this is not possible without overriding and some code to express your constrains.

ok thanks :-) But we still have to select a "category" for a document type and it will always be visible to everyone who has "-add document- right", or I'm wrong ? thanks

Did you test it :) ?