Is there a way to time out registered external commands ?

for some unknown reason, sometimes, libreoffice doesn't work as expected during thumbnail generation… In these cases, when nuxeo try to generate thumbnails for new documents, it launch its command line and wait job result. But the result never happens… OK… Not a big deal, a thumbnail ? who cares ?

But… Thread is still busy (and process still running of course). Obviously, when all post-commit workers try to generate thumbnails when libreoffice seems to refuse to work… nuxeo starts to store jobs for later… Forever…

We try to solve our libreoffice problems but more generally is there a convenient way to tell nuxeo not to wait the result of an external command more than 30s for example ?

Thanks for advices

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I don't think we have a solution for this at the moment. NXP-19172 is supposed to improve this but hasn't been scheduled yet.

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