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I am new to DAM system. I have a very general basic question about DAM. Lets assume I have RDBMS, huge storage space for my content. Lets say I have 3 developers for developing a solution for working on my media content and storing its metadata and location data in the RDBMS. Can I ask what is the other extra value that DAM can provide for people like me.

This is the explaination I am suppose to provide to my company for DAM acceptance. Will someone answer my question.


Warm regards, Shravan

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Hi Shravan,

DAM and in general document management is more than just file+metadata. A few things that comes with a full content management system :

  • Versionning : One document can have several versions, you need to be able to store them and find them
  • Data Structure : One document (or media) is more than a file, you can have several files attached to it (like full res and thumbnail for pic for instance)
  • Permission and security (who can access what)
  • Worflows
  • Business logic (metada inheritance for instance, expiration dateā€¦)
  • And nice interface to show you all that and also web services to call the same thing from external systems

A few more ints here:

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