if i want to customize web ui Elements

if i want to customize web ui for example remove or add Side Menu icons , set permission on any icon so it shown for user and hidden for another how i do that ? thanks please i need any help

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From Designer, you can disabled default contributions in the Visual editor, or directly adapt the slot contribution from https://github.com/nuxeo/nuxeo-web-ui/blob/10.10/elements/nuxeo-web-ui-bundle.html

You can add easily your filters in your custom button (bottom section on the button definition)

For the default icons, you have to make your own slot contribution.


Note: As already stated, please provide your investigations, your code, because it is not the first time you're posting a new topic without showing what you were able to do / stack trace / etc.

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ok thanks but how i can clone Nuxeo web ui as Coding when i clone my branche i code of new Docmunet type soory for my questions but for now i just learning i havn't any code